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It means anything you want it to be, BIATCH.

That one entry where it says it's an onomatopoeia? PSSH.
They're t0t3z1y wrong.
Me - OMG, did you see that girl's outfit? It was so KASTANG!
Person - Totally! It was KASTANG-ingly! KASTANG!

Person - d00d. I'm totally KASTANG! right now. I could kick that girl's KASTANG!
by GET IT CRUNK October 03, 2006
(ka-stang) interj., n, adj, vt. -stung
1- (interjection) A sound used to indicate or express a heavy blow or hit from any means, or a loud, explosive noise.
2- (noun) a heavy blow or hit of any means, or a loud, explosive noise.
3- (transitive verb) to hit someone heavily or hard.
3- (adjective) the power of exciting; being hit or recieving a heavy blow of any means.
"Kastang! You've been kastung fool!"
by Sebastian Carro October 29, 2006
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