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1. Mario - First son; A Brother
2. Luigi - The Asshole; A Brother
3. Peach - Whore
4. Toad - The Dealer; Shroom-man
7. Wario - The Godfather; The Daddy
8. Bowser - Daddy's pet bitch
Murder Inc - Collectively speaking, Wario, Mario and Luigi
Mob Hit - any strike against a human kart player by Mario, Luigi or Wario

1. Single Green Shell - NA
2. 3 Green Shells - A Gauntlet. The item that one can be most creative with
3. Single Red Shell - Seeker
4. 3 Red Shells(if your player is ready to take a beating) - Red Death; Red Fuck
5. Single Banana - Facial
6. Banana Strand - Golden Shower
7. Fake Present - Bomb
8. Blue Shell - #1; Major Fuck
9. Single Mushroom - Fucking Worthless
10. Unlimited Mushroom - A Bad Trip; Drunk Driving
11. Lightning - When used strategically on certain courses, The Ultimate Fuck

Road Load - On Toad's Turnpike, hitting a banana and sliding into a moving vehicle. Not as Bad as a sweet load, but just as fun to watch since a chain reaction of car crash fuck-ups can, and often do, follow.
Snow Load - On Frappe Snowland, hitting a banana and sliding into a snowman.
Bloody Facial - Yes, this one is a stretch. This occurs when 2 characters are in a virtual tie during the race, and one fires a seeker. The seeker advances forward, then backward into the face of the other kart player. Very satisfying to watch your adversary take a bloody facial
Jim: I'm going to hand you your ass today in Kart. Loser buys a pack of smokes and the next case.
Brian: I'll set up a road load on the first lap. Hooked on KartPhonics II bitch!
by sciflyer.25 August 27, 2014
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