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A piece of electronic musical equipment used by musicians to create a limited variety of bleeps and basic drum patterns.

It's first entry into popular culture was its appearance on Muse singer Matt Bellamy's guitar.

However, the Kaoss Pad has now become a symbol for spoilt rich kids who got a guitar for christmas and "want to sound like Muse". Some even spend vast amount of money actually installing the pad into their guitar at a custom guitar shop.

Later, they realise that it's use as a musical instrument is in fact incredibly limited and will discard it after several days of fiddling with "that Supermassive Black Hole noise" the pad can make.
Spoilt rich kid- hey, I just got a learner guitar for Christmas and can only play Wonderwall on it. Ah well, I'll just go out and buy a £200 Kaoss Pad, that'll make me just sound like Matt Bellamy from Muse!

Friend- But surely you want to learn guitar properly first and then build your own original guitar sound and style before spending £200 on a piece of shoddily made metal.

Spoilt rich kid- NOOOOOOOO! MUUUUUUUUUUUUSE! *growls* supermassive black hoooooooooooooooole!
by CharlieGiggles August 26, 2009
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