Kaoru Kamiya is master of the Kamiya-Kasshin Kendo style using a bamboo sword. She teaches this in her dojo: The Kamiya Dojo. She is wife of Kenshin Himura and has a son named Kenji. Her formal student is Yahiko Miyoujin. She is very cute and beautiful, but is very strong in fighting. Her name means "bitch" but she is not a bitch, she is a good housewife and take care of her son.
Kaoru and Kenshin married in Kaoru's birthday.
by Samurai Katsu September 15, 2003
Top Definition
The extremely sexy guitarist of the Japanese visual kei band "Dir en Grey".
Wow, Kaoru is so talented and sexy. He rocks my socks!
by Ky January 05, 2004
Wife of Himura Kenshin
by RK December 19, 2002
Kaoru is japanese for Sweet Scent, Perfume.
That girl has such a Kaoru!
by Chris Falcon January 14, 2008
Japanese wanna be gangsta.
Eminem is almost as much of a wanna be as Kaoru.
by Yeah Right June 16, 2003
Japanese....Hayato poser. jangsta. wanna be Naoto
by Yeah Right June 16, 2003
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