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Its a sex position were the guy is fucking a girl on all fours from behind, preferably on carpet, and then he knocks her arms out from underneath of her but continues to drill her, driving her face into the carpet.. If you're lucky, she'll have some rug-burn on her face for you to show off to your friends.
"dude, what happened to your girlfriends face?"
"oh, thats just some rugburn, I Kansas Plowed her ass last night."
by Blue Brother Pledge Master April 07, 2010
Defecating and masturbating at the same time.
"Dude, I was watching Skinemax on the toilet last night and got horny while taking a dump. My girl wasn't around to take of me, so I just pulled a Kansas plow right there!"
by Goldenboy December 06, 2007
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