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Kayla or could be known as alter ego "Kamara Rashae'"(Born January 18, 1994) Known as a young female future inspiring model from Detroit,Michigan. Grows up with a Mother and two other younger siblings. Had a Tragic lost of a Father when only six years old. She attended the school Michigan Technical Academy in Detroit Michigan until a recent closure of the school. Kamara Rashae' was always described as a "doll" at a young age. "Modeling" happens to be her Theme her true model talent was born into the public eye when she was apart of a young model's fashion show in 2007. She's mutitalented, not only does she talents in modeling but also acting,dancing, writing,etc. Recently she's into photography and loves doing photoshoots to show off and they happened to beauty to many eyes. Many people sees her future fame with the already known name!

Brianna:Girl, What are you doing?
Mya:Girl tryna take some "Shae" photos
Brianna:Take some what?
Mya:Girl, Haven't you heard of Kamara Rashae'?
Brianna:Ooooh,Why didnt you just say her whole name, yea I know who she is I seen her on Facebook!, and THAT CHICK IS HOT!
by [shae's#1fan] August 15, 2010

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