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Krazy male red headed teenager who loves a good video game. He is always with the ladies. Has girlfriends all the time. Some would even call him a player, but he has that inside drive to find the right woman and keep her. He has a good smile. He is also a man that is dedicated to sports and his favorite sport teams. He is one who finds that playing for a team that plays together like a team is all that really matters in life.
Person 1"Wow did you see kalton score all them points last night?!!"
Person 2"Yeah I did, like 36 right?!"

Person 1 "He is such an amazing person!"

Situation 2
Friend- "Wow kalton way to tear up those zombies"
Kalton- "Yeah, I know I am a mother f@#$in beast!"
by Prospector Knowall January 22, 2013
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