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1.(n.) a generally distastful human being; kajitawets/wots tend to attract drama and leave misery in their wake. Kajitawets/wots are known for being self-absorbed and unable to accept constructive criticism.
Traits may include: Narcissism, egotistical behavior, the tendancy to blame others for one's own F***ed-up life, general abuse of anything that breathes and immaturity
2. (n.) A person who has been self-absorbed for an extended period of time resulting in a black hole where a heart should be. They have no supernova gleaming with love.
3. (v.) The act of displacing all of one's sorrow on those around them and treating those that care about one like inanimate objects of stress relief.
Kajitawet (F) Kajitawot (M)
by KFlashdrive February 13, 2009

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