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This is a place that is the equivalent of a sweatshop. They hire from all walks of life (even South Africans and little Sicilians). Employees are overpaid and the hours are completely unreasonable. The Long Island Office Managing Partner goes by the name of Slapdick and is known for muff-diving on his decrepitly old admins during lunch.
Gismo works at KPMG. He is a pizza boy for Rob Behar. This year he will be promoted to second-year.
by KPMG HATER March 30, 2005
a GREAT place to work...
like dipping your nuts into a wood chipper
by KPMG4life March 31, 2005
what really does kpmg mean anyway? does anyone know? ill give money to who ever can tell me.
how can one give an example about what kpmg is when one doesnt know for sure what it means?
by john hopkins April 14, 2005

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