Ku Klux Klan; organizaton that that feels that white people are the master race and that black and jews should be eliminated. General Nathan Bedford Forrest of the Confederacy acted as the first Grand Wizard, or national leader fo the KKK, on or about 1864.
THe KKK is coming to town to protest the opening of another Kentucky Fried Chicken.
by Tommy K. June 11, 2005
a group of people who are supreme racists that believe white christians are the supremacy.
I was at a KKK meeting last nite.
by (=(=(==)=)=) December 31, 2008
The KKK was formed by members of the US democrat party who were bitter about losing the civil war. They didn't like it that the republican party advocated that slavery was evil. Slavery should be legal according to the democrats before the civil war.

One of it's most prominent early leaders was Nathan Bedford Forrest.
The local KKK organization called on it's members to vote for the democrat candidate because the democrat supported segregation. They don't like it that the republicans supported freeing the slaves.

(this is actually seriously true, and not a fabrication)
by anti-communist/anti-fascist May 25, 2006
The kkk is a white, christian organization in which their belief is to purge the world of blacks. Spawned by the essense of the slavery issue,it is fueled by many racist propoganda and slurs to degrede blacks - SEE SAMBO OR Nigglets, Beasts and Mambo- in forms of cartoons primarily. These cartoons infiltrated the innocence of children, altering their perception of blacks. KKK members did not believe that killing, maiming and torchuring thousands of blacks were ungodly, not so much wrong. The highest ranking KKK members wore green, to distinguish itself from other members. Funny how the symbolic link between white robes and white supremacy is not linked in the green robes. Sambo in a popular cartoon today - Dragon Ball Z.
A high ranking KKK member.propoganda. Seemingly righteous and justified, this reverse propoganda aids in the concealment of sins committed by the KKK and ultimately hamstrings our compensation.
A high ranking KKK member.
by Anthony Toorie November 13, 2006
My fellow white bretheren. Pastimes include: burning crosses, holding rallies, you know, the usual frat boy parties.
White man: Dude, my greatgrandfather was in the KKK.
Nigger: -runs and hides-
White man 2: Omg, so lucky.
by HeadKlansman April 29, 2008
KKK stands for the Ku Klux Klan. The first Klan was founded in 1865 by veterans of the Confederate Army. Its purpose was to restore white supremacy in the aftermath of the American Civil War. The Klan resisted Reconstruction by intimidating "carpetbaggers", "scalawags" and freedmen. The Klan was originally created by six educated, middle-class Confederate veterans on December 24, 1865 from Pulaski, Tennessee. They made up the name by combining the Greek "kyklos" (κυκλος,circle) with "clan". It was one among a number of secret, oath-bound organizations, including the Southern Cross in New Orleans (1865), and the Knights of the White Camellia.

The main goal of today's Klan and other Nationalism sects is to rid America of illegal immigrants.
1. A lot of people misunderstand the KKK.

2. The KKK has saved American from being over run with blacks and mexicans twice before, and will do it again.

3. Why is the KKK bad, but the Black Panthers are good?
by Kvety July 11, 2008
The KKK was a group of white men who found it necessary to strike fear into the negros who were released after the civil war. Because of the rise in crime rates from (You guessed it!), these men decided to form a vigilante group to enforce the law and put a stop to the burning and rape that mysteriously started after the release of the slaves.

Now, because negros are very superstious, they would wear those outfits to look like a phantom of some sort wich basicly resulted in the targeted negros to shit there pants in fear.
That way, you got yourself a good law abiding negro.

Its common to think of these people as low life biggots, but this is only because of a lifetime of exposure to exagerated media.

Also, people hear what they want to hear, and this, for example, is NOT what people want to hear. Hence the reson this was not accepted or has a very high thumbs down rating.
The KKK was a group of white men who volunteered to put a stop to widespread negro related crime. ( You gotta understand that someone released from salvery is going to want to get revenge, right? They took action to prevent this.)
by Weylin6 December 31, 2007

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