KGS - Keyboard gangster syndrome.

1. A person who attempts to act badass behind their computer screens through their own keyboards. This definition is most commonly used by the populice that was tormented in upper-grade schooling and have no spine to speak of.

2. A person who throughly thrashes definition #1 using intelligence and wit only. This populice most commonly keeps to themselves until some fool comes along that needs to be slapped down properly, they do not go around looking to be badass, they just happen to have it come to them.
KGS dick.
by jjoossiiff March 29, 2011
Top Definition
Kiss, Grab, Slap
What you do to girls when you want to screw around with them.
Shes a BITCH!

Dude, Go KGS on her!
by thecreatore November 10, 2010
KGS; kooks going shories can refer to either 1 or more boogie boarders attempting to ride shore dumpers at the beach to try and look cool. Their style can be seen as unique by having both hands holding the front of the board referred to as "bus driving"
surfer boy 1: man look at those lads kgs reppin.

surfer boy 2: hahaha what a bunch of fags
by kgsoner March 20, 2008
Korean guys acting gay together, but are actually straight. Stands for Korean Gay Syndrome.
person 1- look at those Korean guys, they must be gay!
person 2- nah, it's just KGS.
by kgs. August 19, 2010
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