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The Kevin Federline Experience. Just like a GFE (Girl Friend Experience) for females K-Fed style.

What you get in a date:

wardrobe includes: Wife-beater, old Nike shoes, Tribal or Chinese symbol tattoo, Baseball cap on backwards or to the side. The occasional Ed Hardy shirt or cap

Living area: Your couch, his parents "extra room," baby momma's house, his "boys" house.

Normal Job/Occupation: none, occasional deals in the process or record deals on hold
How can that KFE looking guy be with that hot chick? Shes just trying to copy Britney's crazy ass again
by Willtx June 25, 2009
Kill, Fuck, Eat. Three wonderful and natural acts amalgamated into a short acronym. Typically applied to a single person, in or out of order, in one crazy night. :)
Billy: "Hey Johnny, let's go KFE that cute waitress who got your order wrong."

Johnny: "One step ahead of you" *holds up severed waitress clit*

Billy: "lol"
by queefwiz May 13, 2010

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