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Obviously, a KFC Buffet. It contains all the stuff off the menu. Except for the popcorn chicken bowl or w/e the hell it's called and the macaroni. You have to get your own ass up and get it.
True Facts: There is one located in Flagstaff, Arizona. There should be a KFC Buffet located in Phoenix. Black people be getting the shit out of it.
by M@t and Mia November 02, 2009
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the kfc buffet is an act in which u lick mashed potatoes out of ur parterns bully button. and use the gravy to lubricate ur genitals.. following with the act of eating macoroni out of the man's arm pit. and putting buscuit's on the females nipple's. and the finshing act it is slapping ur partren with either a drumstick or breast chicken across the face.
one the first date tom and jane tired the kfc buffet ... it was delicous
by seidel parsons January 30, 2011
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