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Knocked back - Term in the north of England for (1) refusal of service while trying to buy an age restricted product (2) turned down for a date or sexual encounter.
(1) "Did you get served for our beer?"
"Naa i got KB'd"
(2) "Is Mike going out with that blonde from last night?"
"No way she KB'd him"
by CavemanDan September 04, 2006
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In terms of punk rock, it refers to any band/song that was on or is either reminiscent of songs featured on the various "Killed By Death" punk compilations in the 90's.

Most songs are selected from ultra rare punk 45's that were released from 1977-1984.

The name was taken from a Motorhead song of the same name.
Pretty much this entire site:
by BummerBitch March 23, 2007
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Short for King Black Dragon (level-279)
by lololowtfhihahavvv December 14, 2004
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Thought to be the acronym for King Big Daddy... In reality, due to the fact that the person who goes by this handle is a cunty bitch baby, the real acronym stands for "King Ballwasher Douchenozzle." Avoid all contact with this estrogen soaked baby at all times. Please keep out of reach of children. Do not leave unattended and do not feed after midnight.
KBD: hey bro, check out my YouTube video where I deadlift my trailer

Me: triple U.... Uninteresting, Unnecessary, Uncalled for

KBD: ok, well then can I be a mod?

Me: (hands KBD a dildo) I think you know what to do with this... That'll give you the answer to your question
by GayBD December 22, 2010
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