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Know your place!!!!!
He/she must K.Y.P before i show them!!
#kyp #k.y.p #know #your #place
by pooltime(raven) August 04, 2011
ackronym for Keep You Posted

see also: KMP ---> Keep Me Posted
Girl: "hey what are the plans for tonight?"
friend: "not 100% sure yet but i'll KYP"
Girl: "okay, sounds good!"
#keep #me #you #posted #kyp #kmp
by batman10 September 18, 2011
"Know Your Place" Said to people who are lesser than you and attempt to challenge your dominance.
(John sits in Sam's seat)
Sam: Uh, John I think that's my seat.
John: No its not. Its a common seat!
Sam: No.
John: It doesn't have your name on it!
Sam: John, KYP.
(John stands up and finds a new seat)
#dominance #status #society #loser #bmoc
by J.R. Celski February 23, 2014
a fat slob, who wishes to be a woman, so he grows his "man boobs" to enormous grotesque sizes. a person with over 8 nipples. someone with diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the brain. someone with a very tiny penis, or lack of a penis. also known to have stripper moms. may have terrets.
If you don't stop porking fat chicks named suarez and eating twinkies all day people are going to think you are a kyp.
#lard ass #dumb ass #gay #homo #felcher
by Jim Horst November 15, 2007
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