K331 is one of Mozart's many piano sonatas.
Mozart composed K331 many years ago...
by jftsang May 18, 2007
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K. 331 is what Mozart's Piano Sonata No.11 is listed as in the Köchel catalogue.

The sonata's last movement(Alla Turca: Allegretto in A minor) is possibly one of the most commonly heard Mozart pieces, comprising of the, then, popular Turkish Rondo
Guy1: "We had to analyse this Classical piece in music today."

Guy2: "Yeah, I heard it was K. 331"

Guy1: "...wuhtuhfuh?"

Guy2: "Mozart's Piano sonata No. 11 = K. 331 in the Köchel catalogue"

Guy1: "Oh yeah, thanks"
by SeiZmik August 17, 2009
1. V. Another word for p00n or owned.
2. V. To kill something.
Note: Overusage of this word is extemely n00bish and thats what people who are posers and TRY to be 1337 do.
1. 0m6! D4r1 15 601n6 70 k331 j00!
2. 1 w177 k331 j00!
by Drakana March 29, 2006

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