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pronounced K J five two
he's a christrian rapper
Person1: i like to listen to KJ fifty two
PErson2: NO FOOL its five-two for the five loaves and two fishes
Person1: oh, K-J 52. thanks ur so smart
by IamCow October 27, 2009

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Underground Christian rapper. "KJ" in his name refers to his old rap name, "King J. Mac" The "52" part in his name stands for the 5 loaves and two fish from Luke 9:16 from the Bible. Some of his raps are Christian, but a lot are just silly!
KJ 52: To the A, to the B, to the C, to the D...
KJ 52: AAHHH!! NOOO!!! SIT...DOWN!!! AHHH!!!
by I_R_BRIDGET April 03, 2011
KJ-52 is the stage name for white suburban christian rapper named Jonah Sorrentino. Nevertheless, KJ-52 still sells his music somehow, and even has some popular music videos on youtube.
Stanley: Have you heard of Toby Mac?

Marvin: Yes, but if you want to see something really hilarious, check out a music video by KJ-52.

Stanley: Hahahah! What a joke!! How has he even sold a single record?

Marvin: I don't know man, it must be all Christian teenagers who buy it. Just because it's Christian music doesn't make it good music.
by true connoisseur April 06, 2011