Mephedrone (4-methylmethcathinone), the drug that rips your face off.
That K-Fed is a great way to stay in shape!
by Tastyskulls McDodrugs July 05, 2010
The PRIME example of a man living off of his famous, hugely monied wife in order to acheieve even the tiniest status in his life.
K-Fed did George Bush and O.J. a favor, actually. He's become the new national punchline.
by Their 2nd Cousin November 10, 2006
when a loser shoots inside a successful woman so that he can become her "baby daddy" and use her for his personal gain.
"dude, my life is going nowhere."

"well, what are you going to?"

"I don't know. maybe I'll just pull a K FED"
by lesbiansea January 02, 2009
1:) Semen Spewer
2:) A synonym for the word "cheat" (as in: cheat in life, on a person, in a game, etc...)
3:) The act of being "full of shit"; or filling someone with shit
1:) "K-Fed should be an option under 'employment' on the DHS assistance forms."
2:) "I got k-feded out of my alimoney because I k-fed on my sugar-mama."
3:) "John Cena tired of K-Fed's k-fed, so he STFU'd him."

I know-all lame...blah
by JhennRhaiyne November 11, 2006
A stream of water, often containing medicinal or cleansing agents, that is applied to a body part or cavity for hygienic or therapeutic purposes.
I need to use this K Fed to clean my vagina.
by St. Joshy November 09, 2006
1 <verb> To be a jobless bum and to marry a rich girl.
2 <noun> Male gold-digger. Holy grail to bums.
Man1: Should I marry her?
Man2: Yeah man, she's rich. You should totally kfed it.

That guy is such a kfed.
by abcbum August 26, 2007
Some white guy who thinks he can rap just because he's married to Britney Spears. Also refuses to pick up any dog crap in his house if his wife sees it first.
K.Fed accidentally stepped on a steaming pile of poo while practicing his limp so that dey be thinkin he fo reals', dawg.
by X-Terminator December 17, 2005
The 'gangsta' that thinks he's black and is married to a fat cow also known as Britney Spears. He also makes 'music'.
K-Fed is pumping his 'ho' fine.
by Yourmom (who ever she is..) November 11, 2006
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