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The teenager that sings the popular (by other teenage girls) songs such as the contradicting, lying, and shitty "Baby", "One Less Lonely Girl", and "One Time".

There have been reports of a penis in the pants, but a vagina in the voice box.
a: You know that Justine Beaver hasn't hit puberty yet?

b: You know that I mix him up with Miley Cyrus?

a: Doesn't everybody???


a: OhEmGee! Who's the chick singing "baby, ooh baby" on the radio right now?

b: Oh ya know! Just Justine Beaver. She has nice pearly whites, pretty hair and a pair or bee ehhh yoo ti fool singing pipes!
by Cassafrass72 April 20, 2010
A horrible teenage girl, who has somehow turned a large amount of the population of pre-teen to teenage girls into lesbians
Girl 2: Umm, don't you mean Justine Beaver?
by smartgirlie February 12, 2011
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