Justina's are the purest of the pure and have the voices of angels. Their dazzling looks attract attention everywhere they go, they cant help it. They are amongst the most loyal people you will ever meet and some of the most humurous too. They will also be good guardians as they care about people. They Everyone know's a Justina.

They breed everywhere ;)

*paparazi take pictures*
by !Haroon! August 04, 2009
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a latin name that means beautiful and truly they are. Girls with that name are overally sensitive, intellecutal, and of principle. They are the least hypocrite people you will ever meet in life, and that gets them in trouble. Yet, they go un-noticed all the time. People like to take advantage of them for no reason.
Hey, I went over to this girl today Justina
by laura johnson November 10, 2007
Just and fair! Good hearted with a "spirited" soul. Beautiful inside and out!
I wish I could be like Justina!
by gracie hoo hoo January 03, 2008
Justinas are smart and beautiful girls with huge apetites for food and beautiful jewelery. Very loyal, Justinas are the cutest of the cute with a bum bum to match. If you can, avoid looking directly into a Justina's face, the cuteness will most definately blind you.
1. Damn! You almost as cute as a Justina!

2. Man! I thought i saw a Justina but aint nothin that cute.

3. I wish my girl was a Justina.
by Woolfman February 03, 2010
a pretty cool baller

a beautiful and sexy girl

a person who is in the act of out of control ballingness

justina is the greatest person ever!

by jake betch July 10, 2008
a wannabe booby; somebody that wishes they could be cool just like me; a person that likes to call me and not talk hahha
justina is a pimpette.
by super mega bro bro March 06, 2008

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