A white boy who pretends to be black. He speaks crazily to himself, even when no one is around. No one likes him, but he thinks they do. He lives a sad life, entrenched in the blood of young children.
Justin is such a white boy pretending to be black.

Justin is over there speaking crazily to himself.

What's up with Justin and that children's blood?
by poo12t October 20, 2008
A man with a 3" penis, just-in
Two girls talking about a bad sexual experience.
Girl 1 "I didn't feel a thing"
Girl 2 "Was his name Justin ?"
by SMonkey September 05, 2008
often used to describe the crud left behind on a womens thong.
That girl left a nasty justin on her underwear.
by jay delecruz August 09, 2008
A loser that lives in North West Arkansas and has an exceptionally small penis.
I can't believe my brother is a Justin!!!
by Better Than Justin August 13, 2008
A complete faggot.

Registered on an online mafia gamecalled Bootleggers. Justin is a needy immature cunt, who bitches like fuck since Ryan blocked him on MSN.
Shut the fuck up Justin, you tool.
by Alolymous July 28, 2008
A Justin is the bastard offspring of a Trudy(see Trudy). A Justin has snaggle-teeth, and is addicted to drugs and alcohol. He never shuts up, but also never makes sense. He has severe mental problems, and was kicked out of the Army for mis-conduct. He threatens the life of pregnant women, and stalks people. He lives with his mom and has no job, and no friends. Yet he still thinks he is cool and smart. He also tries to get with his brother's wife, and likes to assault lots of women.
"We took a self-defense class to learn how to protect ourselves from Justins."
by Nicoleisgreat May 22, 2008
A huge faggot. Usually one with a small penis that satisfies his/her (could be transgendered) needs by hitting on men.
Oh my god i was walking down the street and some fucking Justin started hitting on my grandpa.
by Fagbashers inc May 01, 2008

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