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A movie with a script that tried way too hard to be "hip" and a crappy soundtrack aimed at gaining indie street creds, or whatever the kids like these days
I saw Juno the other day and was pretty underwhelmed. It was not a bad movie by all means, but it certainly wasnt that good either, especially with its lame attempts to be hip.
by cowboy dan May 13, 2008
A Golden Globe nominated film about a teenage girl that gets pregnant by her best friend; an extremely smart, witty dark comedy with a slighly cliched ending. A wonderful movie, nonetheless.
Juno stars Ellen Page and superCUTE Michael Cera.
by Kirbiet December 30, 2007
She was the Roman Queen of the Gods! Enough about this bloody movie already!
Juno has had enough of your shit.
by grumpy gus July 10, 2008
A movie about a girl named Juno who accidentally gets pregnant by her best friend Paulie Bleeker. It illustrates a different outlook on teenage pregnancy, and is unlike any other film. Ellen Page who plays Juno Macguff and her co-star Michael Cera as Paulie Bleeker, are brilliant in this film. Written by Diablo Cody, it is a very touching, heartfelt film, and I recommend everyone see it.
Everyone go see Juno it was the best film of 2007!
by junooo January 12, 2008
The movie that exploited Indie culture.
Ever since Juno came out everyone likes Moldy Peaches and Cat Power.
by Seamon August 10, 2008
An old school internet service provider that was very popular back in the early 90s.
"Do people even use Juno anymore?"
by Purple Bear May 11, 2008
A goddess on earth. The queen of queens. The embodiment of Aphrodite. The term "Juno" refers to the most beautiful woman on earth. Her perfection is, and will always be, unmatched. Her flawless smile will brighten anyone's day. Looking into her eyes can make anyone fall in love with her. Her lips are perfect. Falling in love with her is easy, but letting go of her is impossible. She means more than the world to me. I could stay up forever listening to her talk about poetry, or baltimore, or some shakespearean play. I love her more than she will ever know. I love you, and I'm sorry. <3
I love you, Juno.
by mahmah. July 18, 2010
To 'JUNO' somthing is to take something someone loves and point out all the flaws until that person can no longer enjoy it.

Taken from the movie "Juno" that many people thought they genuinely liked until it was explained to them that they were wrong.
I loved GLEE but then everyone started to JUNO it, so now all i can hear is the auto tune.
by KidMash June 01, 2010