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When you're wearing coveralls and they ride up causing a huge bulge with your cock an balls. Usually when reaching up high or while in a confined space and your knees are in your chest.
Hulse's balls were all up in my face as she was working. I screamed get ur junk pile out my face bitch!

I was stuck in this hole and my buddy yelled, "nice junk pile bro." It was right in his face!
by FoxO'clock April 18, 2010
Usually performed on a schoolyard playground at recess when a bunch of kids pile on top of some poor sap who fell down or was tackled in a game of football etc...
Trevor get tackled in a game of football and someone hollers out "junkpile" and everyone within earshot piles on top of poor Trevor
by SofaCrumbs August 23, 2009
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