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The act of a man dipping his testicles into a liquid. Typically, junk dunking is assumed to be with water as the liquid, although this is not nessesarily always the case.
Troy excused himself from the table, but took his cup of water with him. Once in the privacy of his bathroom, he did a junk dunk.
by Lubzgroup January 08, 2013
The act of dunking on an opponent in basketball where your crotch goes directly into their face as you jump over them for the slam. The humiliation can be further amplified by hanging on the rim to keep your sweaty junk pressed into their face.
“Lattrell didn’t just posterize that boy, he Junk Dunked on him.”

“Hey man, did you get a good look when he Junk Dunked on you? Was it boxers or briefs?"
by 180LA June 03, 2013
In process of walking through steadily rising water until it gets the the point where a man is forced to submerge his crotch to continue further
The water was cold, but once I got the junk dunk out of the way it wasn't so bad
by BrandyT April 11, 2016
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