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The Junior Blue is the mascot for Washburn Rural High School located in Topeka KS. Although a wide variety of definitions exist for the Junior Blue two are widely accepted.

1) One who embodies the characteristics of a student and an athlete
2) A Rooster
1) person 1 " dude do you see that guy, he's on the honor roll and starting!"
person 2 " yeah bro, he's such a Junior Blue"

2) The mullet man said it best we're all just a bunch of roosters at WRHS
by 51 Cal. June 02, 2011
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The Junior Blue is the school mascot of Washburn Rural High School located in Topeka Kansas. Although confusing to visitors , the mascot pays tribute to the local college, Washburn University. There are two commonly accepted definitions of a Junior Blue-

1) An upstanding student-athlete who is an all-around good character

2) A rooster (used among students and band director Luke Chaffee)
example 1) " Wow so the starting QB is also on the honor roll?" 'yup, he's a real junior blue"

example 2) "WHO ARE WE!?" "ROOSTERS!"
by 51 Cal. July 21, 2011
A Junior Blue is a Rooster
What is a Washburn Rural Junior Blue (other than a stupid mascot)?

WHO ARE WE?! -- Roosters!
by 51 Cal. May 22, 2011

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