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A word derived from the combination of June and January. Used to describe shitty weather in June, because although it’s supposed to be getting close to summer, it still looks and feels like January outside.
"Im supposed to be enjoying my summer! Why the hell is it still raining and cold out?"
"Because its Juneuary."
by mercerdes June 13, 2008
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Juneurary(JUNE-YOO-RARE-EEE): Stating that it is in fact June, yet it still has January weather (ie:rain, hail, coldness). Uncommon in most parts of the world, except Washington.
Dude, it's Juneuary. First day of June and it's pouring rain.
by FML, no. F WA. June 01, 2011
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Abnormal winter weather due to global warming.
dude: "I'm bored, let's go get some fireworks!"
other dude: "There aren't any stands open. Dude, it's only June-uary, not June!"
by MurryWilson January 21, 2009
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When the weather reaches abnormally high temperatures in winter, namely January, causing it to feel like the middle of June.
"It was seventy degrees over Martin Luther King weekend!"
"Dude, that's like Juneuary."
by ilovethecolorblue January 26, 2010
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