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A jail seen in every mall. Arrested shoppers can sit in here for hours at a time. June Jails are always guarded by at least security guard taking shifts. The first use of a June Jail was when June Drabble got arrested by her husband, Ralph, for eating candy that she didn't pay for. A June Jail is fun to sit in and will always be there when you're tired from shopping. So if you want a place to rest when your shopping failed, head on over to the nearest June Jail!
Ralph: I can't believe this! You stole a malt ball, honeybunch?! You're gonna have to sit in the June Jail.

June: Well, that might not be so bad. I still got me some candy!

Necky: But you didn't pay! That was just it, you didn't pay. Over against the wall! (starts searching June for candy)

Ralph: Look, I found a lava cake. Why don't we all sit in the June Jail. This is going to be fun. This is sweet! A June Jail is so much fun.

June: Yes, it sure is. But I feel like some exercise. (she starts jogging around the jail cell.)

Necky: Wait! Are you hungry? We still got some of the cake and candy.

June: No, not right now. Exercise first, then eat. You know how Ralph is. He's gotta keep his gooey going.

Ralph: (laughing) Now, all this exercise is making me tired. I'm gonna have to sit down. How do you like the June Jail?

June: It rocks! This is one of the nicest jails anybody could go to. A couple of hours in here and you'll love money. And its all thanks to my Ralphy Boy!
by Dusty's Baby Powder December 12, 2011
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