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The act of licking the junction between the sexual organs of two individuals involved in the act of coitus (boinkers). Junction licking, by definition, involves three people - those involved in the act of coitus (hetrosexual or homosexual, using a bodily orifice of choice) and the junction licker itself, who may be male or female, and whose job is simply to enhance the sexual gratification of the boinkers.
Junction licking is frowned upon by members of the clergy, the Muslim community (although, like Greeks and homosexuality, they all crave it), generally all girlfrends, and especially my ex wife. It is not understood why this is so, however it is hypothesized that this is due to the enhanced pleasure experienced by the male (during female, female, male encounters) and the corresponding displeasure felt by those not involved in the process.
by Clembob January 03, 2012
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