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A manoeuvre pulled off by only the best trained Pussymon in the world
While standing with a man inside her, the Pussymon begins to jump to heights of up to 9 1/2 inches, an incredible experience for all involved
For best results enter from behind.
"dude my girl started jumpfucking me right as I came last night, epic!"
by SneakyDeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee November 13, 2011
Jump-Fuck AKA JF
Eagerly jumping on a person and having intercourse with them.

"Wow Jimmy is totally Jump-Fuckable."
"Greg was so attractive that once I saw him I totally jump-fucked him!"
by Caracreatesthebestwords February 01, 2009
The sexual or excited act, of running, jumping on and fucking someone (like Jump-Hug).
* VengaPiR8 jumpfucks Jeian
by VengaPiR8 October 26, 2005

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