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a sexc young asian babe with a sweet ass and a really good kisser she happy always and sometimes crazy but is nice when comes to being horny julz the best at everything!
LUV U JULZ babi u rockkk luv u heaps nath!!
by nathisjulzbabi February 07, 2004
16 49
Very kind, very kewl a bit crazy and confused a lot of the time also likes to say moo
"ahhhh julz loved by all"
"crap the crazy one"
by Maya June 19, 2003
63 39
Short for Julia. She is someone with Hope, Artistic talent, Poise, Perfect life, and is Your best friend. She is Beautiful, Independent, Rebellious, and Tries her Hardest at everything that matters. She has Daring friend that would do Anything for her. You would be lucky to have someone like her as a friend.
That girl can do anything!

Well, that's Julz for you.
by Auj Banauj February 06, 2010
32 16
a sexc gurl that is so loveable and sweet she has a nice ass and a great smile if u see her ur day will be filled with joy and happyness julz is the BEST!
julz is my babi and im her babi and i love her sooooo much luv u julz from nath
by nathisjulzbaby February 07, 2004
50 41
Hipster, wannabe atheist bitch.
That girl is such a julz.
by Random child person October 22, 2011
13 14
a pet-name used by teeny-boppers referring to julian casablancas, lead singer of the strokes (yum, i know.)
"get your hands off my julz you bitch"
by anon August 26, 2003
23 33