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J=Jargon, throw a jargon you just invented in there and see if he/she catches it.

U=Utilize most technical terms for common used things and see if they know what your talking about and make it a false possibility.

L=Look at his/her head movements and see if he/she is willingly agreeing with things before you even finish your statement and after (constant uh huh yeah yeah I know)

I= Initiate your bad ass dance moves as you moon walk out on your accomplishment.

O=Oreo, Bitches love OREOS!
I totally used the Julio method on Robert!

" I ended up having to "radio tunnel" the servers IP address to get a signal going"

"Yeah it turns out the internet was fine but my RJ-45 cable that goes to my phone line was messed up" <-- RJ-45 cable is a Eternet cable so no way you plugged it into a phone jack LOL)

(constant uh huh yeah yeah I know)

Starts to initiate your bad ass dance moves as you moon walk out on your accomplishment while throwing oreos because bitches love oreos
by Julio aka evilbooter July 29, 2013

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