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Fun loving girl. She's caring and works hard. Loves fashion and Beauty and is always looking for new finds. Poeple tend to confid in her and seem to tell her all there secrets but don't worry she's good at keeping them. She's mature and always tries to do whats right which can get her stuck in sticky situations. She's a a good love story.

I know tons of secrets but i'll never tell...
You know you love me xoxo

- Julienne
by smilyroxy21 October 22, 2010
62 10
The name given to sweet, animal-loving, and independent females of (generally) European descent. Julienne's try and do make the world a better place to live, but at times drive boyfriends crazy while doing it!
Did you see Julienne today?

No, she was off volunteering at the doggy-daycare between studying and writing the mayor letters about animal cruelty!
by flying spaghetti monster 42 October 08, 2008
75 32