A person with this name always has the biggest dick in the room
Wow i bet that guy is julian
#wow #that #guy #bet #julian
by Cyoung August 27, 2008
He comes off as an obnoxious buttfuck because he is one. He was raised by the two worst parents in the world and still lives in their basement. He tends to live in the past or future, but early the present. He doesn't have any manners what so ever and can often be heard saying 'fuck' very loudly with children present. He acts as if he is some sort of gift from God, when in fact he actually lies, steals, cheats, manipulates and beats the fuck out of women. He tries to pretend he has ' changed', when in fact the only thing that's changed is his hairstyle. He has false expectations and has no idea what the fuck he is doing 99% of the time. He thinks he's a ladies man, when he actually scares most women. He masterbates with a friend sitting right next to them and feels no shame in doing so. Julian is the epitomy of classless and white trashy.
Please don't act like a Julian.
#trashy #masterbate #unrealistic #lala #land #fuck #yourself
by PineappleJuice March 09, 2015
A gay faggot
Julian is a gay faggot
#one #two #three #four #five
by poweskjdfdjsadirdfiud January 14, 2015
Another word for pussy.
Yo dog, I went knuckles deep in that girl's Julian.

I love eating my some Julian.
#pussy #vigina #woman #julian #cat
by KkGod October 29, 2012
An annoying, nerdy, jerk who can go suck a dick!!
"Wow. He's such a Julian..."
##stupid ##jerk ##bully ##ass ##wipe
by Female122 January 03, 2014
A lying douche bag who enjoys leading people on. He will tell you that he loves you while trying to get into your friends pants while having a girlfriend.
Friend 1: he told me he loves me.
Friend 2: he told me he wants to have sex with me.
Random girl: he's my boyfriend!
All 3: he's such a Julian.
#whore #liar #player #cunt #heartless
by Igotplayed May 29, 2011
An implosive and unpredictable teenager not often thinking about the consequences (especially if the consequences will effect someone that is not him). It/ he has been known to get erections on various occasions lasting enduring amounts of time. It/ he is derived from an Italian background and currently (2010) lives in Australia. It/ he has immeasurable amounts of hair mostly located around his/its rectum.
Julian put your clothes back on
#julian #jack #william #michael #italian
by Julian-italian-horse December 07, 2010
funnny {sort of}, popular, annoying,cool, loser, you thnik hes cute at first, but thats before you get to know him.
omg he's such a Julian, so annoying!
#julian #scary #annoying #obnoxiuos #rude
by perso February 12, 2010
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