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1. (n) The term used for an appealing rear-end. Often on the large side. Most frequently belongs to a woman of color (but there are exceptions). 2. (n) A booty so irrestible, you want to squeeze it. 3. (n) A sandwich made of two thick meat patties, grilled to perfection and dripping with juices
(Lyrics by Sir Mix-A-Lot, Baby got Back): I want 'em real thick and juicy
So grab that juicy double

1. That's the juiciest double I've ever seen
2. Oooh look at her in that JC Penney pant suit, she look so fine, gimme a piece of that juicy double!
3. Would you like to supersize that juicy double?
by gafhater August 13, 2004
nice, round ass checks.
Boy 1: Damnnnn, did you see Amy's ass?
Boy 2: Yeah! They're juicy doubles!
#baby got back #big booty bitches #booty #round #ass
by Shelton Fitz Patrick May 28, 2011
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