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Expensive bottles that harbor an inexpensive carrot/broccoli liquid that more or less help with a BM (bowel movement)/or more commonly known as a shit
"I really wanted to drop 8 pounds before a party this weekend so I thought what better way to shit out your weight than with a juice cleanse."
by The Original Shitter December 15, 2013
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A juice cleanse is when you cut an orange in half and squeeze the juice of it over an erect penis. A woman then gives a blow job and slops up all the OJ. You get the benefit of the blowjob while she gets the immunity boost of the Vitamin C. A true win-win.
Jessica: "Hey do you have any orange juice in the fridge?"

Tony: "No, but I have an orange over here if you want to try a juice cleanse?!"
by the Shat Party December 19, 2013

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