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A bunch of weak, mentally challenged wiggers. They form a support group for one another, enabling them to survive in a world where they are inferior to average people in almost every way.

Juggalo Homies typically speak a form of Pidgin which is a mixture of English (at a kindergarten reading level), and Ebonics at a similar skill level.

They claim to be free of prejudice, but are too lame to be acceptable to any ethnicity other than redneck trailer trash, so Black, Asian, or Hispanic juggalos are almost unknown.
Despite all their lameness and hypocrisy, Juggalos have done one indisputably great thing to for the gay community. By pushing lameness to new heights, Juggalo Homies have redefined the word "faggot." Homosexuals can now live their lives free from this terrible label (unless they also happen to be faggot-ass juggalos).
#juggalo #juggalette #shaggy 2 dope #violent j #dark carnival
by I See Pee January 22, 2010
Jugglo Homies are a family. We don't give a fuck what ANYONE thinks and follow the Dark Carnival. Being a Juggalo is a way of life. You don't have to be a fan of ICP, Twizted, Dark Lotus or even Psychopathic Records. Just believing is all it takes. Believe in the Carnival and more inportantly, GOD and Shangri-La.
Yo what up Homie!
"Juggalo Homies" single
#juggalo #homies #icp #shangri-la #psychopathic
by That_Juggalo_Homie June 14, 2009
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