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We are stupid juggalos
We suck dick and swallow slow

We worship a crappy band
Called ICP that you can't stand

We have zero IQ points

Our pregnant moms smoked chronic joints

Our penises are really small
And we have tiny shrunken balls

Excuse me miss for being so brash
But we are redneck trailer trash!

Our juggalettes take dick for cash
But wrap it before you tap that ass

We pretend we don't hate niggers
But we are hypocrites, go figger!

Now you know 'bout juggalos
And how we are a bunch of hoes

I live and die for ICP

So stupidity is killing me!
Yo homie MMFCL check out my new Juggalo Chant!

Shut up fool, I'm fucking your 5 year old sister's neden!

Oh, my bad ninja. Can I have sloppy seconds?
by Juggahater666 March 14, 2010
We will never die alone
Juggalos will carry on
Swing our hatchets if we must
Each and every one of us!
MMFWCL! Down Wit Tha Clown Till Im Dead In Tha Ground ppl say the fuckin juggalo chant till ya die!
by xx Juggalett Audri xx February 11, 2008
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