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People think that juggalettes/ ninjettes see also juggalos/ ninjas are just people posing as a nongang. well as a fellow juggalette i can tell you we arent a gang.
we dont kill people and the people that say they kill people in the name of juggalos/ lettes/ icp are obciously whacked!! i mean come on so some people have said juggalos will neva die!! and then shot someone or cut them up. But excuse em wha? have you never heard a christian say "i killed them in the name of jesus"! does that mean we should hate on churchgoers??? maybe...

but what i really want to say is that we are family we arent there to cause bullshit we arent here to fuck with peoples we are here to do what it is we want to fucking do and we actually believe it or not could give two shits about what it is that you think!
&#&**""I pledge allegiance, to the hatchet, of the Underground Juggalo Society, and to the Ninjas, for which it stands, one family, under clowns, full of freaks, with Faygo, and magic neden for all!""**&#&
Some examples of juggalos would be Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent Jay. Twiztid. Blaze. Dark Lotus. And there are the female versions know as the Juggalette/ Ninjette. (s)
by **Star** [fellow juggalette] January 16, 2008
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