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n). One of the coolest people to inhabit the earth. Someone with confidence, charisma, and grace. A Judson does not stick to particular group, but sustains a rather expansive amount of friends. There are many kinds of Judson's, but the typical one is found to be sophisticated, intelligent, attractive, athletic, and, in general, the fucking man.
Example #1)

Chad: Yo Jud, whats good man?
Judson: Nothing much my dood.
Chad: That's so cool, you're so awesome.
Judson: Word.

Example #2)

Becky: Wow, you're like ridiculous. Like I leave you for one minute and you're like getting it on with these two equally attractive and respectable women?
Judson: Step aside and grab me a bag of cool-ranch while your up.
by ChadBroChill17777777 January 20, 2010
a teenager with an extremley ripped 8 pack, is generally good at wrestling and dates alot of sarahs and always acts gay and yells "i like penis" more then any other person
that kid is dating sarah kinda like a judson
by benjamin baker March 12, 2008