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In the wide, wide world of drug cartels and art thievery, one purveyor of potent potables and purloined paintings stands above the rest. Juandaro's Discount Picasso and Blow Emporium serves only the finest in reduced-price drawings and low-cost drugs. Juandaro himself is a figure of myth - nay, legend. It is said he drives a chariot of pure awesome and caters personally to even the lowliest of art collectors and cocaine addicts. Although an actual branch of the JDPBE is often difficult to find, if you believe it in your heart, Juandaro and his shady establishment will never be out of your reach.
"Gee, Wilkins, I sure would fancy a new Thomas Kinkade and an ounce."

"I whole-heartedly agree, Johnson. Let us at once to the closest Juandaro's Discount Picasso and Blow Emporium for the satiation of our mutual hunger of art and hard drugs."

by Juandaro's Branch Office April 28, 2007

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