The most perfectly formed being ever put upon the face of the earth. A master of all tasks and video game king of the universe. A grumpy baby when sleepy but still cute as f%#@!!
Commonly known for his amount of good luck (due to his super hot girlfriend). Owner of the most beautiful blue eyes..that can make one melt if stared directly into. Possessor of the worlds softest, most amazing hair that anyone could ever run their fingers through. Holder of keys (lol) and a smile that would make any girl blush. The most caring, faithful, loving boyfriend known to man. Gives his whole heart to the one he loves and makes them feel like the most beautiful and special person in the world. An all around terrific, intelligent, superb, awe-inspiring,phenomenal boy ever created. Everything any girl could ever ask for. A soul mate. A true love. Owner of a science vessel that would make Captain Picard supah Jealous. A gobber. A hottie. A sweetie. A BEBE.
Cute Joshua
by Keeper-of-the-hairspray February 11, 2010
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Josh is an amazing, awesome, fantastic guy. He is one of the greatest guys you will ever find. He is timid at first, but he is talkative, funny, and kind once you get to know him. Josh is loyal, sweet, always knows what to say, he can make you smile no matter what, he is the most amazing person, but he will deny it if you say it. He says he has an anger problem, but he certainly doesn't show it.
I'm so lucky, I met a Joshua!!
by Trekki March 17, 2013
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the most amazing guy there is in this universe. He's silly, spontaneous, a bad ass, talented, good with music, a bit nerdy, passionate, and by far the best u could ever want in a man. His passion and caring for the one he loves goes beyond anything you could expect and he's a wonderful dancer. He'll go the extra mile to surprise you or make you happy. Also he's a great friend and can mingle with anyone and make them laugh.
Girl: Man, i wish he was mine.
Other Girl: who? my joshua?
Other Girl: too bad. hes my perfect boyfriend.
by katherine crouch May 10, 2011
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Sweet, totally chill and always there to talk to. Joshua is like your bestest best friend, always there when you need him, never gives up on you, never complains or tries to change anything about you. Joshua can be really funny and he listens really well. The instant you talk to him you become relaxed and comfortable.
Your life hasn't begun until you've met a Joshua!
Joshua's the bestest friend and always there!
by FallenVenus August 07, 2010
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Dual personality, a man of opposites. Charming with amazing eyes. Unassuming. The king of acting hot and cold. Deserves more in life and love. Makes you fall hard then walks away. Difficult to communicate with and can often behave like a narcissist. Smells good.
A great person to his friends and can be caring at times. Needs and wants someone who will love him and care for him as he is.
Could have been that person.
You're confusing me, why are you acting like a Joshua?
by s80 February 06, 2010
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A boyfriend who cooks, cleans, pays, and drives. A Joshua.
Wow that guy is such a joshua.
by tayface December 26, 2007
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The most amazing guy you will ever meet. Has the kindest and sweetest heart. Once you kiss him you wont want to stop, once you get his love you wont want another. Truly the most wonderful man in the world.
by ilovejoshua October 15, 2012
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