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A. My name is JoshM
B. Assrammer
by Vertith October 18, 2013
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A smelly Annoying know it all who always has the highest grade in the
Class. Smells all of the time because he has not yet invested in Deodorant.
He's obsessed with video game and final fantasy and had more a.d.d than a 3 year old
that drank 5 mountain dews. He sits at home all Day long and has no human contact for
5 hours. Probably going live with his mom till he’s 50.
Josh M(to erik): can i borrow your final fantasy game?

Satin:Metcalf Stfu! your just a smelly little loser that stays at home all day long and plays video games. that why you never had and never will have a girfiend.

Tom: BURN!!!!!!!!
by Tom1234567890 October 15, 2006
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