Mis-spelling of the word Jordan, inserted into a popular slang dictionary by a spelling-challenged youth.
"I'm not quite sure how to spell Jorden. Is it an 'e' or an 'a'?"
"Oh, it's clearly an 'e'. You know this. Playa."
"An 'e'? Yeah man. Jorden wouldn't use no 'a'. He's all about the 'e'."
"Yeah, playa."
by Curry Mask March 06, 2006
Top Definition
Jorden is the sweetest guy ever. He is a very sensitive guy who cares for his family and friends more than anything. He will do anything for the one he loves. He writes amazing poetry and can make his girlfriend the happiest person in the world. He can be very romantic. Jordens are one of a kind - if you find one, don't let it go!
That Jorden is the perfect guy!
by chuh-relle March 16, 2009
The most amazing girl to ever walk the planet. Her smile will ignite a room with energy and happiness. Her happy, smiley, happy mood will change any mood into a great one. Jordens tend to be beautiful goddesses and know whats best for their special man. If you have a Jorden as a girlfriend you are without a doubt sitting on a gold mine of love and eternal happiness. Youll fall in love and be a better person because of her.
My Jorden treats me better then any girl before her
by Seans Puppy October 05, 2010
Jorden great looking guy would do anything for the person he loves. has a great personality can make any girl smile. is by far the most loyal friend in the group. truly a great athlete excels at all sports. jordens like to keep it real and often tell it how it is. jordens are the nicest guys you could meet and have around they can be trusted with anything. jordens are best when born as a leo. some people may see a jorden as cocky but this is just a pure confidence and belief in himself that hes built up over the years. if you ever get a jorden keep him they're a rare breed.
jorden is such a great guy.

did you see what jorden got me?
wait till jorden hears what happened.
by riding my jorden October 09, 2011
someone who talks a lot
You're such a jorden you talk all the time
by orioles1 May 13, 2010
1. The sickest bball player to grace this planet
2. Brand of shoe that people kill for
I was watching TV and saw Jorden straight school some jokester.

Alley Guy 1: Yo check out my new Jorden's man
Alley Guy 2: Thanks for the new Jorden's playa.
by Bradlee November 26, 2005
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