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An amatuer ping pong player from Rutherford, New Jersey who occasionally beats George Schneider on pure luck.
Jonny Cakes : Ha! Good game loser!
George : That ball skimmed the edge you lucky bastard!
by Ul<nown January 12, 2009
a state of mind that is reached by extreme focus. once this state of mind is reached one's speach is slurred and one is in a state of extreme coolness 24/7
dang dat boy's some jonnycakes

"what'd you say?"

it took him six yrs to master the jonnycakes
by chi-town maniac February 18, 2008
1. a person who speaks funny do to their extreme coolness
2. something of extreme value
3. pancakes made with cornmeal
"nah he/she aint trippin' he/she just a jonnycake."

"say joe that chain you got on is straight jonnycake!"

"want some jonnycakes?"
by chi-town maniac February 18, 2008
a name 4 a crackhead(s) in chicago

it is singular but can also be used plural
1. damn jonnycakes!

2. get off of me jonnycakes!

3. mom, take a picture of me with the jonnycakes!
by LatinKingz August 01, 2008
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