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A term commonly used in the contries of Scotland, England and Netherlands, as to name someone as the biggest control freak in the world.

It is commonly used to sum up a personality of whom who controls their friends and family, lives a life based on the single purposes of Jealousy, Hatred and Betrayal for no apparrent reason, and will resort to endless silent evil in order to complete these life long ambitions and make their friends' good efforts as worthless and useless as possible.

Other common reasons for usage include those who waste their time playing silly computer games while their innocent and good friends do all they can to make their life a better place, when ultimately, the good, heart-warming friends get deliberately forgotten in history and blamed for all the bad doings that the Jonny Askey has put upon themself.

And, the act of betraying good friends in order to succeed in false pride and the satisfaction of being unjust and unfair. This involves turning good people against other good people by the use of threats, lies and selfishness, while one retreats to the shadows, wearing an evil smurk, satisfied with the feelings of a true sadistic and betraying twirp.
Why did you delete us from MSN, and Facebook, and practically real life? You stupid Jonny Askey!
by The MikeFonzAnke Cooporation January 21, 2010
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