comes from Jones Soda. Means simular to the word "chilling"
chad:hey whatcha doing?
me:ummmm not much just jonezin..
by carly December 11, 2004
Top Definition
Having a withdrawal, or craving for something, an addiction. Can be drug related.
He quit a few days ago, but is really jonezin for one.
by Hollaback21 March 13, 2009
Jonezin - The act of annoying/irritating women in an attempt to piss them off, but impossible due to the unfathomable beauty of the person Jonezin, because only unfathomable people can Jonez like the Legendary Trevor Cain Jonez, the discoverer of this verb.
Girl: "You change your relationships more than i change my underwear"
Trevor Cain Jones: "Im sorry you wear dirty underwear?"
Girl: "MAKE LOVE TO ME!!!"
Trevor: Whisper *I love jonezin*
by Gurgalsnoutzincer June 05, 2011
Flirting, sweet talking with the opposite sex
He was on the phone jonezin' with his girlfriend
by cantbesoto September 07, 2008
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