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Jones College Prep is one of the top selective enrollment high schools in the city of Chicago, state, and country. Jones has been becoming more popular as the years go by, which has made it extremely competitive to attend. Jones has a variety of students from all over the city. Jones is also known for its prep students and everything that encompasses. Many people may not know, but Jones is a true Chicago prep school. Activities of students include: horseback riding, swimming, water polo, track, crew, debate team, soccer, tennis, much philanthropic work, among other things. Jones has some of the strongest academics in the country, with students attending the top universities: Yale, Williams, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, UofC, Pomona, Northwestern, and many more. The location of the school is absolutely amazing, located in downtown Chicago. This comes with all the amenities: museums, shopping, great restaurants, book stores, parks, etc. Many students also take complete advantage of school breaks to travel the world, intern, and participate in philanthropy. Jones is the place to be. The social scene is also great. This school is also great due to the diversity of every kind.
There are a great variety of styles at Jones College Prep:
1. girls fashion: northface, uggs, designer clothes
2. guys fashion: northface, sperrys, designer clothes
3. elite group: northface, jcrew, burberry, gucci, lacoste, and other expensive designer clothing.

Jones kids are intellectually competent, and defy expectations. They are multifaceted. Should not be undermined. Jones is up there with all the top. It is Chicago’s best kept secret, until recently.
by insider3200 November 01, 2010
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