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stupid idiot hat dont know nothin.
dummy that needs to get a life and quit messing wit me
by april February 28, 2005
25 95
Jonell is an awesome, loving and caring person. She cares about others more than herself. She is also extremely beautiful and sexy. Jonell's are extremely smart. She doesn't take shit from anyone. She's one of a kind and an independent person. Also, means when she has to be. She backs up her friends 100% no matter what. everyone loves Jonell's.
Boy 1: "I wish my girlfriend was like Jonell."
Boy 2: "Yeah Jonell's are awesome."
by xoxomzzprettyxoxo November 03, 2010
61 10
1. To Describe an insane person who thinks about mushrooms all day

2. A Moment were you think you lost something only to look down in your hand to see it also see Space Cadet

3. A Person who talks about the random-est stuff and even they them-selfs don't know what they're talking about

4. Someone who is nice, caring and funny but a little weird, usually wants to make an impact in the world either by being a psychologist or a fireman.
Person 1: At the party I thought my friend was bad for singing but then I saw a kid acting like a total Jonell

Person 2: How so?

Person1: The kid kept talking about Beavers occupying a mushroom house, and how the Beaver is purple and angry and throws pots and pans at old people who walk by

Person2: Yeah thats definitely a Jonell.
by Interestingsays October 19, 2010
6 9