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Floppy Haired Wide-Boy Jonathon R(W)oss, is a prominant Uk TV Prostitute who enthralls his misguided audience with a hilarious comedy speech defect routine that never fails to nauseate, Everything that comes out of his mouth is actually Shite. This is due to an Anus-Mouth swap operation he had at birth that proved so popular with the UK TV licence paying public that they voluntarily agreed to pay him 6 Million Pounds of their money, thus giving him the nickname 'The C**t!'.

Jonathon 'Dog-Cock' Woss's condition has improved in recent months after the successful removal of a slimy parasitic Russel Brand from his Rectum, the only side affect being his wife, Jordan's hair turing Pink!
Reporter: 'Hey Jonathan, why do they call you the 'C**t'?

Jonathon Ross: ' Becawse I am a £6million public scwewing C**t, that's why!'

Reporter: ' Is that why your wife Jordan's hair is pink?'

Jonathon Ross: 'No, Its because I am Jonathon Ross, The C**t!'
by Jordans Sweating Cleft January 07, 2010

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