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A sweet young man who may feel insecure but only need someone to tell him hes handsome, hes amazing! He will use creative ways to tell you he loves you and will never have judgement. He loves everyone in his life, will treat friends like family and such. He has a voice thats soothing and alluring and matches with goofy smiles. He is a wonderful man who anyone would be lucky to be around.
Person1: Hey look at that kid, did he paint that just for his girlfriend?
Person2: Yeah! Guy loves her!
Person1: Damn, aint he a jonathan!
by The_unicorn_whos_looking_for_u January 20, 2013
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Jonathan is one of those guys that you just can't stay mad at.

He is incredibly sweet, cute, and kind. Jonathan has the most gorgeous eyes! Usually hazel or green. And writes poems and story's like its nobody's business. He is an amazing writer and an even better boyfriend! He will make you happy no matter what and will always put a smile on your face. Not only is he naturally funny, clever, and adorable, But he is sensitive and sarcastic. He has a cute smile and a personality girls just love! He has a girlfriend and she is very happy with him.
Girlfriend: Gah look at this text! Jonathan is so sweet!
by awwwww February 08, 2013
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1. A boy which a girl spots and instantly is attracted to. She has no intention to speak to him but will gladly stalk him via all means possible. This includes staring at, searching on Facebook and locating in the White Pages.

They are prone to not wearing socks.
Girl: Wow, he is so cute!
Friend: Why don't you go talk to him?
Girl: No, it's not like that! He's a Jonathan. I'll look him up on Facebook instead.
by PaperbackWriter. August 27, 2010
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Jonathan is adorkable. Although stubborn at times, he never hesitates to show off his endearing smirk. He will share his passion for everything dorky, but his love for it will knock you off your feet. Since he is quite perfect, you best believe that he is as handsome as he is charming. His laugh is contagious and will make you smile to the moon and back. If you know a Jonathan you are very blessed. He'll never let you down.
Jonathan may be a dork, but I love him like crazy!
by Sooner13 June 11, 2013
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A guy normally known for his speed and good looks; also known to be a charmer. Jonathan(s) are good friends and the best boyfriends. They are usually of a sensitive nature but are not afraid to use their strength when they need to.
There isn't a time where Jonathan hasn't made my stomach flutter.
by SixPackjonny August 05, 2010
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A boy with lots of wonderful thoughts that will share anything with you. Will keep a secret safe regardless of how good it may be. Will always try to cheer you up even when he may be feeling down too.

Suffering in his life has caused a spot of permanant sadness in his eyes, but they shine bright when he smiles.

Medium in stature, large in heart. Most likely will have very soft hair and soft hands.

a very skilled kisser, has had lots of experience but will settle down upon finding the right girl. has a reputation for being a flirt but that is just his personality.
is very VERY attractive. usually long eyelashes, kissable lips and a smile that can light up a room. Will make your stomach filled with butterflies no matter how used you are to seeing him.
Means; gift from God (which is very true)
is a procrastinator but will always get something done at the absolute last second. Is very smart but often doesnt apply it.
very much a people person, can easily make friends with anyone and everyone
Jonathan is easy to pick out of a crowd because he will be standing in a large group of people and they will all be smiling at what he is saying.
makes an amazing boyfriend, the kind of person you want to show off because your so in awe of him and how miraculous he is.
everyday is an adventure with Jonathan because he will make you laugh till you cry and has a superb imagination

Jonathan means, a perfectly incredible man
Girl1: wow, that guy is really handsome, amazing, caring, and godly. I couldve spent a couple more hours talking to him! did you catch his name?
Girl2: yeah, i think it was jonathan. Did he say he had a girlfriend? cos if so she is LUCKY
Girl1:yeah that figures, i should've guessed he was a jonathan...he was incredible!
by theayla April 03, 2010
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Loyal, Generous, Handsome individual (s), who is/are without a doubt the very best person to love. Jonathan(s) is/are Intelligent, Subtle, Strong, Rock-like Men. They are the best Friends and very best Lovers.
No matter what happens to me, good or bad, I can be happy because I have a Jonathan.

OH yes, OH Jonathan, OH YES! (again and again and again and etc., etc., etc.)
by Sherscare June 06, 2005
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